This remarkable novel is a story of a family’s struggle for freedom, and the story of a passion for life and love, both found and lost, and ultimately found again.  It is the story of Maria, a young immigrant from Cuba, and Dan, an American boy growing up in the cold war years of the 1960s.  Their story is played out against a background of political turmoil and a struggle for power that has separated families and caused untold suffering over the course of the past five decades.

“Stoddard grabbed me in the first chapter by catching me completely off guard, then held my attention by weaving a compelling story through the rest of the book.  He did a nice job developing main characters who I fused with, and integrated real-world characters and events to turn a piece of fiction into an almost historical novel.”

– Louis Stefano, Virginia

“An exciting adventure and an inspiring love story set in South Florida, Cuba, and treacherous seas between.  The book describes, in a deeply suspenseful way, the powerful need of all people to be free and the dangers of seeking that freedom from a totalitarian state.  It is a great inspiring read and a touching love story.”

– Larry Lobert, Michigan