“Shows the real behind-the-scenes world of corporate America, and it’s not a pretty picture.”

– Gary Roen, Midwest Book Review

“Stoddard shines a light on the dark side of today's "business is business" mentality with a shockingly funny story that hooked me from page one... Pick this one up and hang on for a wild ride!”

– Carolyn A. Hutchinson, Louisiana

“Knights in Dark Satin was a surprisingly great read. The author develops the characters so well, very reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen's style, I had to find out what they were going to do next.  Darkly humorous, the shenanigans of the consulting firm and how they try to take over the third generation family run tractor company ring true in todays corporate mentality with no morals or conscience. The Kansas small town values and many twist and turns, including a tornadic conclusion, kept me totally absorbed through the entire book.”

– Mark J. Kellum, Florida

“Chris Stoddard has created a cast of characters—some  perverse and others good-hearted—so believable that I felt I knew them.  His tale of a failing manufacturing company being raped financially by its CEO and an unscrupulous consulting firm moves briskly with suspense, dark humor, romance, and a smidgeon of kinky sex.  It is a fun read.”    

– Bert Ghezzi, author of The Heart of a Saint

ISBN 978-1-4303-1855-2